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Maternal Justice.

About Us 

The Thrive NJ Maternal Justice Subcommittee is comprised of a network of key stakeholders, including a strong, diverse collaborative of maternal and child health experts and organizations, with a vested interest in improving health outcomes, and combat maternal and infant mortality in New Jersey. 


Our Mission

The goal of the Maternal Justice Subcommittee is to raise awareness about maternal health, educate health care providers on factors that contribute to maternal deaths, and encourage women, families, and providers to recognize and discuss maternal and child health outcomes. As we continue to uplift the urgency to improve maternal and child outcomes in New Jersey, specifically, among Black mothers and babies, we must address the systemic racism and bias that contributes to the Black maternal and infant mortality rates. 


Our Vision

Increased health care access, improvement in the delivery of care, enhancement in care for families before and after birth, support for doula and midwifery services, and listening to mothers, we can improve the health outcomes for all. 


Our Role

Subcommittee members are encouraged to share their research and advocacy efforts in real-time and uplift any matters related to maternal and child health to the co-chairs and subcommittee members, for the purpose of unifying our efforts, that will ultimately increase awareness and positive change. 


Special thanks to the organizations and individuals who have already shared their materials, prior research, and messaging advice to move this subcommittee’s mission forward. 


The time commitment for being a part of the Maternal Justice Subcommittee is to attend monthly meetings and provide feedback on campaigns, initiatives, and call to actions. 

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